In case you are a foreigner residing reside in Canada, it is important that you live with your family members as they make your lives very comfortable. You will therefore be required to find ways in which you can make them relocate to Canada so that you can live with them. The Canadian law accepts that only that you must first pass some eligibility tests for them to be allowed in the country. One of the requirement for this immigration will be they should have visas which you must apply for. There are different types of these visas, which include.

Spousal Visa

Living together with your family is an important component in building your relationship. Spousal visas therefore allow your partner, wife, or husband to come and live with you in Canada. In addition, if you have children they are tagged along in this visa. One of the requirement for this visa to be issued is that you should be married to the spouse and has a genuine proof of your marriage. In addition they must show their willingness to continue being in the relationship even after settling in Canada. The sponsor of this visa, which would be the one already living in Canada, should be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. In addition, he or she should be able to provide financial support to his or her spouse for 3 years and the dependent children for up to 10 years.

Dependent Child Visa

This visa aims at reuniting the parents with their children in Canada. The children must not be biological they can even be adopted. The sponsor is required to show and prove that they can take good care of the children while in Canada. Once passed the children re given permanent residence in Canada. In addition, one of the requirements is that the children must enroll in the Canada learning institutions for full time basis. If the children are adopted the sponsor must be able to prove that the process of adopting the children has been finalized.

Common-Law Partner Visa

This visa allows a person in an ongoing relationship between a Canadian resident or citizen and a foreigner; it also incorporates their dependent children. It provides a requirement that the couple should be in an ongoing relation and to prove that they ought to have resident in the same residence for more than one year. Their relationship must therefore be genuine. The Canadian citizen must also prove that he or she can be able to support his or her partner independently without accessing public funds.

Conjugal Partner visa

This type of visa allows same or opposite sex couple to live together in Canada. Their separation would have been caused by many factors and thus this visa gives the opportunity for them to cohabitate without worry. The sponsor of this visa must be able to support his partners and the dependent children financially until they get their jobs. You can find here how cost-effective way to enter Canada can help you to go with your family to this beauty country

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