Helping your family members and yourself with a stair lift

Do you have an elderly family member who is no longer able to make it up and down the stairs?  Perhaps, on the other hand, you have a family member in your home who is permanently disabled. Or, maybe you are having troubles using the stairs and reaching upper floors of your home. It is without a doubt a stressful problem and a huge life adjustment, but that doesn’t have to mean that you and your family member need to purchase or build a new home and leave the old one. Among the many advancements that have been introduced in recent years, there are a good number of them specifically designed to make your life at home easier and less stressful. A good thing is that you have many options at your disposal. Instead of the added stress of moving to a one-story house or selling your old home altogether, there is an excellent option for you which includes installing a reconditioned stairlift. A stairlift is a product that can be attached to the treads of a staircase so as to enable any person who has a mobility problem to get up and down the stairs with ease and allow others to continue using the staircase as normal.  However, purchasing and installing stairlifts is not cheap, their prices can sometimes be in the range of the actual expenses of selling your home and/or moving.


If you think you need a stairlift and ultimately decide to get one, there are some things you should know and that are worth mentioning. To begin with, you have an option of choosing whether to buy a completely new stairlift, purchase an already used one or use the services of stairlift renting. In terms of cost-effectiveness, the option of renting a stairlift is probably the best one, at least on a short term basis. But if you are thinking long-term, then buying a new one is perhaps the best option. If you need to choose between buying a new one or a used one, bear in mind that the newest models feature the latest functions and designs and have a much more service expectancy the used ones. When it comes to the used stairlifts, it is worth knowing that they are far more economical and suitable for someone who is not in a position to spend too much money on it.

Another choice you can make is about the type of the stairlift. According to the design of the staircase they are attached to, there are curved stairlifts and straight stairlifts. The curved type has the capability of turning around corners and bends, but is more expensive and difficult to install. The cheaper option is the straight one, which travels in a straight line and is simpler to install. You also need to consider the dangers of electricity involved. This problem is usually non-existent as a single 24 volts DC unit alleviates any concerns about electrocutions. Another thing to consider is the weight of the users. The standard stairlift can carry up to 300 pounds and the accompanying chairs can also come in various models and sizes.