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5 Fitness Tips From An Expert Personal Trainer

Tip 1: Begin gradual, don’t merely leap right in and begin killing yourself 5x a week . It’s best for your overall success and your personal results that you ease into a new training routine. Remember that this isn’t just another fad in your life, you’re going to stick to this and make a permanent change in who you are… You’re building character!
Tip 2: Stretch it out! don’t make the mistake most people make by going directly under the weights and trying to hit a new personal best, which on day one would be anything over 0lbs. Warm up your muscles but do not over stretch them.
Science has proven that proper stretching can increase the overall load your muscles are able to bear but here’s the trick, it’s not static stretching… It’s dynamic. Active movements that increase mobility, body temperature and don’t over stretch the muscle which makes it vulnerable to injury.
Tip 3: Mix it up! Whether or not you’re going for weight loss or bulking up, a combined program of cardio and fat loss. It’s best to have a well balanced routine, for instance even if you’re “bulking” (training for hypertrophy) you’ll see a massive benefit from adding cardio to your regimen. It will help your breathing on some of the more strenuous lifts.
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The reverse is also true, adding compound strength training movements to your fat loss routine will cause you to burn more calories and super charge your results!
Tip 4: Know where you are… Understand that this is a process so don’t get frustrated with where you’re starting. I’m sure you’re like most people in that you are frustrated because you used to look like X but now you look like a sad Y.
Here’s the aha moment that I want you to have, if you’ve truly made a decision to change who you are then it’s merely a matter of time before you are where you want to be. Don’t worry about what obstacles you’re facing or challenges you currently have or even your current pant/dress size. Remember it’s only temporary and it’s going to be part of a bigger story… the story of how much you changed!
Tip 5: Chart your progress. I can’t stress this enough, most people just don’t do this properly.
Measuring is the only way to ensure that you get consistent results, don’t hit a plateau and know exactly where you are. I want you to consider all the things you can measure for a moment then ask yourself, if I measured even half of these things how could I fail?
  • Food
  • Body Weight
  • Caffeine
  • Sodium
  • Training
  • Water


Take these tips and transform yourself! For more information on how you can transform your body visit the Personal Trainer Phoenix online.

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