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Everybody wants to laugh, and everybody deserves to laugh. So why are we hiring those boring speakers in corporate events? Or how about those boring singers always belting out power ballads? Laughter is universal. It can reach all people. So hiring comedians for corporate functions, private parties is a really great idea.

When you hire a comedian, it doesn’t mean he will just come in with his materials and go boom! Doing a comedy is a skill. And comedians have honed their skills for years. They know that their materials are no good if they can’t make their audience laugh. And audience don’t laugh at comedy they can’t relate to. So comedians know that if they want their standup to be a hit, their routines should be something the audience knows about.

Comedians study, too. It’s not just a matter of memorizing jokes and saying the same things over and over again—from one party to another. While there are rehashed jokes, there are also those that need to fit into what the event is about. If the corporate event is among architects, then you can be sure that when you book a comedian, there will be jokes about messed up buildings and the like. If the event is a gathering of doctors, for sure, there will be laughter about blood and other gory details—not to mention injuries involving private parts. Lawyers would be a favorite topic, too, with their propensity to lie and chase ambulances. Or it could be a party among construction workers and the jokes are definitely going to be green and rowdy.

When flagging stand-up comedians for hire for an event involving a lot of women, just be ready for the sexist jokes to come out. Better check if there are comediennes around, too. Sexist jokes have a better impact on women when told by a woman. And if you get a comedienne in a generally male crowd, she’s prone to get some catcalls and hoots. But a comedienne can manage, for sure. It’s even guaranteed that she’s going to fight back against her male detractors. And she will have the last laugh because she has the microphone.

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There is nothing better than comedians in private parties because as mentioned, laughter is universal. If you get a singer, not everybody will enjoy his or her songs because each audience member has a different taste in music. First of all, there are different genres of music—ballad, rock, pop, R & B, hip-hop, etc. And in every genre, there are different artists. So we definitely can’t expect everybody to enjoy the same song at once. But more often than not, the entire audience will laugh in unison at a funny joke. It’s still quite a surprise that singers are the entertainment of choice in parties, when comedy is definitely the best kind of entertainment.

Corporate events tend to be full of barriers. There’s the table for the bosses, and the table for the supervisors. At the back are the tables for the rank-and-file employees. Either that or the tables are assigned by department. The point is, it will still be a gathering where one group is separated by the other. Comedy tends to break down barriers. But as soon as the laughter starts, it brings in a form of unity and camaraderie.


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