The Best Way to Use Nail Trimmers for Dogs

Dog grooming is vital for an indoor pet. Everyone likes it beautiful. Let the visitors talk about the stunning unique dog you have but not complain of the shaggy puppy. Dog owners know how to deal with the other dog grooming but neglect the nails. As a matter of fact, many don’t do it as neglect, they simply don’t know how to do it. Well, that’s why am useful here. Once you understand that dog nails can be troublesome. One, you won’t love them when they are long, curly and can scratch accidentally. Second, the nails can be painful for the dog. None of that sounds nice. So, let’s get on with it.

Not all dog nails are the same. While others have a slower growth rate, others have a rapid one. Others are small while some can be huge. Nail trimmers for dogs therefore differ. Some are heavy duty for this reason.

How frequent should the trimming be done?

nail_trimmers_dogsI will mention once more that dogs do vary in many aspects. Don’t expect that nails can be constant in all dogs. Like other grooming tips, it has to start with you understanding your dog breed and what it calls for. Where your dog adopts a lifestyle of remaining indoors all day long, you have a lot of work to do regarding nail trimming. If it is the other ways round, where your dog spends time outdoors, nail trimmers for dogs will have less work. The ideal interval for nail trimming is usually two weeks. If your dog is loves it at home, the nails grow long in no time. You will need to trim them more often. When the dog is out, the nails can get cut out there or be shortened, its nature. You won’t have to cut them short yourself.

Just make it enjoyable

To get to the real thing, ensure that you don’t do it on a stone face. Dogs do panic too, and you don’t like it when they do. There is a way that you can trim their nails so that they don’t even realize it. A good example is to do the trimming during your playtime. Your dog will handle it as the usual fun but you do you’re your trimming. Remember how your mum used to do it on you, copy that. It’s the best example. You know the feeling when your toe is cut in the process.

Black and white nails

Dogs either have white or black nails. Dog nails do vary with those of humans. While ours have a clear line where you are not supposed to exceed unless you injury your finger, the dogs lack that. Chances of you cutting the toes are very high. They are even higher with the black nails where you see nothing through the nail. Nail trimming for dogs must involve some skill to ensure no blood is spilled. Do it step by step until you reach the satisfactory extent. If you do cut the dog’s toe, apply baking floor.

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