3 Great Careers for Self-Expression

Creativity is one the best quality you can have. In the past, people didn’t appreciate much being creative in business. Today, this is a must have quality. Employers are now aware that being creative is the key of success. If you are creative, you must know that you’re blessed like no other. Creative, artistic urges are always individual and different amongst people, therefore it’s crucial to express it in order to build yourself properly. Being creative is a very natural thing to do. If it’s suppressed, we’ll feel unhappy and unfulfilled. Though, as we mentioned, employers know how important creativity is, many of them never allow their employees to express it. It seems like our society doesn’t approve of creativity. Actually, it rather seems like it’s oppressing it. Why? Because society doesn’t love thinking with our own heads; society doesn’t approve thinking for ourselves and creating our own path in life. Just remember when you were a child how everybody always pushed towards the path society wanted and approved. In this world, sometimes it seems like there isn’t place for being who we truly are. Yet there is a solution. If you have problems expressing yourself and your creativity at work, quit that job immediately and get a new one! Become a freelancer. Take risk in order to profit! You mustn’t be afraid to seek for new opportunities. Here are the ones we have found interesting and appealing for expressing yourself like you should in every job.

Landscape Designer

If you love gardening and you have great artistic skills, than you should become a freelancer botanist, gardener or landscape designer. Landscape designers are like architects. Specialize in Elite Horticulture and combine nature with culture and art history. This is completely independent profession that involves a lot of creativity, design skills and artistic urges. With landscape design, you’ll basically be combining landscape architecture with garden design. This is a beautiful way to express your skills, art and to become remembered by creating something beautiful.


Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a complex process of creating visual messages according to the desires of the purchaser and targeted audience. It involves a specific visual communication through images, colors and typography. We can say it has sort of emblematic structure. Cole Graphic Solutions use complex methods to create and combine words and images in order to create a desired symbol that will properly represent its bearer. It is a perfect way to show your skills and to prove to others your understanding of visual representation and conveying messages through complex emblems, or in modern words, logos.


Event Planner

Become a freelance, but professional event planner and basically make people happy with your creative skills. Get inspiration from Wonder Struck Event Design and learn to create memorable parties, weddings and events that will strike people with their beauty. At this job you’ll be responsible for everything, from invitations, hall reservation and siting order to food, theme of the event and dress, entertainment and everything else that might come into your mind. Every aspect of event planning involves a lot of deliberation and expression. It’s perfect for showing your knowledge of social conventions, etiquette and culture and for making the perfect combinations of all three.



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